How To Pour A Heart

In this video we demonstrate how to pour a heart with perfectly textured milk. 

 What you will need


  1. Once you have textured your milk it’s important to use it straight away.
  2. Spin or swirl your milk to create a glossy texture. You can also swirl the espresso shot to break up any oils which will ensure the coffee and milk incorporate evenly
  3. Tilt your cup slightly and start your pour high and slow pouring directly into the centre of the crema. Start moving in small circles so you don’t wash out the crema
  4. At two thirds full, stop pouring and lower the jug down so the tip is in the centre of the cup, almost touching the surface of the crema. Tip- Tilt the cup to get in nice and close
  5. Increase the flow and wiggle the jug from side to side to help create momentum and some texture to your heart
  6. Finish off by bringing the tip of the jug away from the surface of your coffee and cutting through to create your heart

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