Founded by a group of Melbourne coffee enthusiasts, Coffee Hit started in the backstreets of Abbotsford in 2008. The idea at the time was to source the freshest, specialty grade coffee direct from farmers and make it accessible to coffee lovers all over Australia. That mission remains today.

Coffee Hit is the coffee that goes places and takes you places. It’s specialty coffee that hits a bit further so that it always hits the spot.

We don’t need to bang on about how we’ve meticulously sourced every bean from the best coffee growers or producers around the globe, balanced every flavour profile, crafted every blend, other than to say, we’re quite fussy so we won’t settle for shortcuts.

And yes, whilst we may be a little demanding when it comes to coffee, I know we’ll hit it off; because we’re a friendly bunch and we’re all about making a good impression. When it comes to good impressions, good coffee is not where it starts and ends for us.

We are a certified by Climate Active as a carbon neutral organisation. Read more about our sustainability journey here.

We produce deliciously tasty specialty coffee that doesn’t cost the earth. Hit us up, for a cup of the good stuff.

Roasted in Melbourne. Coffee that goes places.

What makes us different?

With specialty coffee at the heart of what we do, we understand every aspect of the coffee process; from where and how it’s grown, how it’s processed and roasted, to our barista’s intimate knowledge of brewing the perfect cup for your enjoyment.

When our buyers visit origin, they tour farms where they learn about new innovations introduced by the farmers and gain intimate knowledge of the processing methods used for the various coffee bean types.

Our roasters are also experienced coffee tasters and specialise in analysing the sensory aspects of coffee including: flavour, aroma, body, sweetness, balance and aftertaste. Over the years, they’ve had plenty of practice! This comes in handy when maintaining consistency of the flavour profiles of our coffee that you love so much.

While we love the intricate world of coffee, for some it can be overwhelming and at the end of the day (or start) all you want is tasty coffee in your cup to get you going. So think of us as your coffee-obsessed side kick. We've got your back and are here to make the process easy. That's why we created our coffee quiz, a great starting point to discovering which of our blends might be best suited to your taste preferences. Take the quiz here.