Latte Art That Pops - Even Foam Lattes

In this video we demonstrate how to free pour textured milk to create a consistent foam depth and flavour across multiple coffees. This can be adapted no matter which style of milk-based coffee you are making and can really help your latte art pop.

What you will need

  • Espresso machine
  • Fresh cold milk of your choice
  • Freshly prepared espresso shots
  • Larger and smaller milk jug, we recommend 600mland 400ml


  1. As soon as you have finished texturing your milk, pour off approximately one third into your smaller jug
  2. Spin the textured milk in the larger jug until shiny and glossy. Tap out any small bubbles by lightly banging the jug on the bench. You can also swirl the espresso shot to break up any oils which will ensure the coffee and milk incorporate evenly.
  3. Tilt your cup slightly and start your pour high and slow pouring directly into the center of the crema. Start moving in small circles so you don’t wash out the crema
  4. At two thirds full, stop pouring and drop the jug to rest on the side of the glass bringing the tip of the jug close to the surface of the crema.
  5. Tilt the base of the jug up, to increase the flow of the milk ensuring the tip of the jug is in the center of the glass.
  6. Pour the remaining foam in the smaller jug back into the larger jug and spin to reincorporate. Repeat pouring process.

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