Create A Canvas For Latte Art

In this Video we demonstrate the technique to retaining the crema base to create a canvas for your latte art to make it really stand out.

What you’ll need


  1. Fill your jug half way with fresh cold milk, texture and heat to desired temperature. Spin milk in jug to create a glossy texture
  2. Hold the jug in your dominant hand in a comfortable position
  3. Tilt your cup slightly and start your pour high and slow pouring directly into the center of the crema. Start moving in small circles so you don’t wash out the crema
  4. At two thirds full stop pouring and lower the jug to rest on the side of the glass, bringing the tip of the jug close to the surface of the crema
  5. Tilt the base of the jug up, to allow the foam to flow out which will create your bright white pattern surrounded by a dark crema canvas
  6. Have fun trying different patterns and shapes by moving the tip of the jug around the cup

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