Coffee Hit launches new look

We’re so excited to unveil our new look packaging and brand identify. To our loyal customers, we want to stress that this brand refresh doesn’t change our mission, in fact it’s been built to ensure we continue to deliver on our purpose to make specialty coffee accessible to people all over Australia, as we have been for the past 15 years.

The new Coffee Hit slogan “Coffee that goes places” is connected to our fundamental purpose of providing access to specialty coffee for all.

The new tag line “A cup of the good stuff” is a term that is multi-layered. It signifies the approachable, friendly nature of the brand, it’s coffee shared with the community.  ‘A cup’ is also a small measure of something. Coffee Hit by its own definition is suggestive of a ‘hit’, something small that provides a much-needed boost. Something that, though small, has the power to make you feel good. ‘The good stuff’ also carries multiple meanings.  There’s the general good stuff in life or more singularly tied to the good things Coffee Hit is doing, e.g. socially (at origin and environmentally).

In line with the refreshed brand strategy, our blends have undergone a makeover with new names and packaging. The blends you love have not changed, so don’t worry, you will still get the same coffee you love. The blend packaging has been designed as if they were places, connected to some of the most popular lifestyles and situations in which our customers drink our coffee. 

Boomtown– previously known as Fiend – speaks to the flavour profile in that it’s an intense, bold cup that has been designed to cut through milk. Perfect for people with an active lifestyle that need a Coffee Hit post workout.

Landmark– previously known as Ultimate – the signature blend, is used in all Coffee Hit cafes. It’s the perfect all-rounder, delicious as a black or milky coffee. Landmark, like a popular tourist attraction, is the coffee everyone comes to see and wants to taste, the defining moment and feature of one’s day. 

Uptown– previously known as Exotica – is a little extra something something. It’s our fruity, refined blend. Perfect for special moments of connection over brunch at a favourite café.

Hinterland – previously known as Serene – is our Certified Organic and Fairtrade blend. For those who like to immerse themselves in nature.

Off The Grid- previously known as Caff-Free – is our decaffeinated blend. For those who love the taste but need a lighter hit.


At Coffee Hit, we’re here to play our part in doing good in the world. We are proudly part of the Nomad Coffee Group which is a Climate Active certified Carbon Neutral organisation. We source our coffee through our Sustainable Coffee Program and place a strong emphasis on building relationships with farmers at origin to support and give back to the communities that grow our coffee. Our sustainability philosophy is to protect farming communities and to ensure future generations continue to enjoy the coffee we love today.


Coffee Hit blends are available online now via, in Coffee Hit cafés in Victoria and Queensland and through select Woolworths Metro stores in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.