Why Is My Coffee Tasting Dirty?

Even when you backflush your machine, coffee grinds can build up in the shower screen affecting the flavour of your coffee. So if your coffee is tasting dirty, try our secret for cleaning your machine.

What you will need


1) If you look under where you load your coffee handle (portafilter), you will see a small disc where the water comes out – this is your shower screen.

2) Look to see if your shower screen needs a flat head screwdriver, or Allen key to remove the screw.

3) Remove the screw, placing in a secure place like a ceramic cup on the bench so you can see this at a glance as you don't want to loose this or accidently tip into the sink!

4) Remove the shower screen – this should easily come off.

5) Place shower screen in a separate ceramic cup (not the one with the screw) with some hot water and cleaning tablet – soak for as long as needed depending on how dirty it is. 

6) Use cleaning brush to get up into the group head and finish by wiping area with clean cloth.

7) Remove shower screen from ceramic cup - being mindful if the water is still hot. Rinse shower screen under water

8) Position shower screen back, and screw in screw – no need to over tighten.

9) Taste the difference in your coffees!