Tips to Make Boomtown Stronger

What you will need


    1. First you need to lock in your dose. Check your coffee puck after your extraction. If it’s muddy, you need to add more dry coffee into your basket. You can do this by increasing the grind time on your grinder or by manually grinding more.
    2. Extract coffee, and check the coffee puck again. You should be aiming for an indentation of the shower screen.
    3. Use a set of scales to repeat this dose. Turn on scales, add handle, tare off so the scales read zero.
    4. Grind coffee into the basket and place back on the scales to know your dose.
    5. Once you are happy with your dose, you can grind finer till the extraction pours like warm honey and has a final brew time between 27-30 seconds.
    6. Remember to keep your dose weight the same as you adjust your grind size grinders with an automatic timer will dispense less coffee as you move finer, and will dispense more coffee as you move coarser.