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Fresh monthly deliveries for 12 MONTHS (12 deliveries of 2 x 500g bags), save 20% with FREE SHIPPING

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  1. Choose your coffee blend
  2. Choose beans or what grind you need

Need help choosing? Tasting notes and info about each blend are below.

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  • This subscription includes a total of 12 monthly shipments of 2 x 500g bags
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      Blend: Boomtown 2 x 500g
      Grind Type: Whole Beans

      BOOMTOWN BLEND - Dark Roast, dark choc & almond

      Boomtown is full bodied and packs a punch. Intense, milk-centric stronger blend with beans from Brazil, Colombia & India.


      LANDMARK BLEND - Medium Dark Roast, caramel & milk choc

      Landmark is the ultimate all-rounder. Silk smooth, medium bodied blend with beans from Colombia & Brazil.


      HINTERLAND BLEND - Medium Roast, honey & milk choc

      Hinterland is Organic and Fairtrade certified. A beautifully balanced cup with beans from Peru & Honduras


      UPTOWN BLEND - Medium Roast, plum & apricot

      Uptown is our refined, fruity blend. Clean and smooth with beans from Honduras, Brazil and Colombia


      OFF THE GRID BLEND - Decaf, dark choc & dried fruit

      Off the Grid is a swiss water processed decaf with a full bodied blend containing beans from Brazil and Colombia