About Us

About Us


“The friendliest coffee snobs you’ll ever meet”

Our purpose is simple – to bring the best of Melbourne’s specialty coffee culture to the rest of Australia. Coffee Hit is all about specialty coffee, seasonal food and contemporary design.

Founded by a group of Melbourne coffee enthusiasts, Coffee Hit began as an purely online offering. The idea at the time was to source the freshest, specialty grade coffee direct from farmers and make it accessible to coffee lovers all over Australia. And that mission remains today.

Following our online success, we opened our first store in Melbourne in 2008, and we’ve since grown our network throughout Victoria and Queensland.

We’ve taken our vision of specialty coffee to suburbs far from Melbourne’s laneways and inner urban areas, creating warm and welcoming environments that people return to time and again, for the best specialty coffee experience. We’re community focused, a place where the barista knows your order and loves nothing more than sharing their coffee knowledge with you. We’re anything but pretentious – we’re the friendliest coffee snobs you’ll ever meet.

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What makes us different ?

With specialty coffee at the heart of what we do, we understand every aspect of the coffee process; from where and how it’s grown, how it’s processed and roasted, to our barista’s intimate knowledge of brewing the perfect cup for your enjoyment.

When our buyers visit origin, they tour plantations where they learn about new innovations introduced by the farmers and gain intimate knowledge of the processing methods used for the various coffee bean types.

Our roasters are also experienced coffee tasters and specialise in analysing the sensory aspects of coffee including: flavour, aroma, body, sweetness, balance and aftertaste. Over the years, they’ve had plenty of practice! This comes in handy when maintaining consistency of the flavour profiles of our coffee that our customers love so much.

Roasting coffee in-store is key to our success. In-store roasting gives us ultimate control over quality and flavour and...

Specialty coffee is at the heart of everything we do. Which is why the beans we source are specialty...